For the Anxious: How to Slow Down

It is hard to slow down in a fast paced world, where the expectations for us to perform and always be “on” are high. Sometimes, this cleverly gets integrated into how we manage our anxiety – we keep busy, keep hustling, keep proving, striving, keep trying to figure things out. I remember it dawning onContinue reading “For the Anxious: How to Slow Down”

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s 5 Tips to Work Through It

Step away from the News and Social Media While its important to be informed about world events, we have had more than our share in these past few months alone. Over-immersing yourself with the news is not helpful as it can be immobilizing where you are unable to take action in any regard. It isContinue reading “Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s 5 Tips to Work Through It”

What To Look For in Finding A Therapist

Look for one you like as a person, rather than a style of therapy Study after study shows that the therapeutic relationship is more important than the style or therapeutic modalities used. That is the greatest predictor of change in therapy. While there are effective and wonderful types of therapy out there, if you andContinue reading “What To Look For in Finding A Therapist”

How Losing My Hair Was the Hardest Lesson of my Adult Life

I have been thinking about how I would write about this experience for years. This morning, I feel like I’m ready to share it. My intention is not to share this for pity or attention for what I’ve been through. We all go through hard times. It is to share with you how our bodiesContinue reading “How Losing My Hair Was the Hardest Lesson of my Adult Life”

Our Obsession with Getting There

We talk a lot in Western Culture about getting there. And by there, I mean, anywhere but here. Only three more hours left in my shift My assignment is due tomorrow and then I can breathe again I just need to get through this month of crazy scheduling and then it will all be worthContinue reading “Our Obsession with Getting There”

If You Knew You Were Already Enough

How would things change for you if you really, deep-down-heart-space knew that you were enough. Would you make different decisions? Would you keep different relationships? Would you spend your time differently? Would you say no more? Would you value yourself more? We humans, are like quilts. Woven with our experiences, stories, beliefs, past, knowledge. TheseContinue reading “If You Knew You Were Already Enough”

Human First, Therapist Second.

Really showing up is hard. Allowing yourself to be seen is hard. Its also deeply transformative. This is what I struggle with in sharing things about my personal life on social media. That said, its what happens in therapy -exposure. Though in a therapists office, that exposure is met with an empathetic, holding presence andContinue reading “Human First, Therapist Second.”