“Amanda is the best therapist I have ever worked with. She makes me feel so comfortable and has helped me to open up and face things that I’ve kept buried for almost my entire life. I find myself thinking about our sessions and how much they’ve helped me calm down and recognize / honour my emotions. She pops into my mind often, almost like ‘what would Amanda ask or talk to you about right now?’ – it’s been a great fit for me and I’m super grateful and thankful to be able to work with her” – 2023

“Amanda! You helped me navigate some really challenging times during a critical period of my life. You taught me to trust myself and guided me with helpful tools to self soothe and learn about how my brain works. I am very thankful for your insight and your kindness” – 2023

“Amanda’s help has been pivitol in my mental health strategy. Her compassionate and thoughtful guidance has equipped me with new tools to handle the never ending rollercoaster of life. I cannot recommend her enough!” -2023

“Some therapists are very surface level healers. Not Amanda. She worked very hard to understand me and helped me find the roots of my many problems. With practices of forgiveness, self care, self compassion and self love she helped me heal and helped me take up space in the world. Pretty much if you are looking for an excellent therapist who is hardworking, supportive and dares you to be your best self and love that self then look no further. You found her!” – 2019

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