Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s 5 Tips to Work Through It

Step away from the News and Social Media

While its important to be informed about world events, we have had more than our share in these past few months alone. Over-immersing yourself with the news is not helpful as it can be immobilizing where you are unable to take action in any regard. It is okay to give yourself permission to turn it off for a while. It’s self care. Period.

Prioritize Idleness

Take a few minutes where you don’t do anything. Put down the phone, stop and sit and feel into how you’re doing. You are not a productivity machine. Humans have capacities and we also have limits. Getting as present as you can helps get you into your body and grounded back into reality.

Express Yourself

When we’re overwhelmed, we cannot take in any more information. These are the times when you need to get things out. Choose an expressive activity like journalling, talking aloud to yourself or someone else, painting or creating artwork, dancing, etc.

Talk to A Therapist

Talk to a therapist about all the things swirling in your mind. Its our job to help you straighten them out and unload. We can also support you to prevent overwhelm in the future.
I am currently providing virtual therapy during this time. Reach out to me and lets connect!

Recognize Your Power

Recognize that you have the power to choose what you consume and how often. You can change how you take on more than your capacity.

From my heart to yours,


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