Our Obsession with Getting There

We talk a lot in Western Culture about getting there. And by there, I mean, anywhere but here.

Only three more hours left in my shift

My assignment is due tomorrow and then I can breathe again

I just need to get through this month of crazy scheduling and then it will all be worth it

When the renovations are done, then we can live

When summer comes…

When vacation starts…

When the loans are paid off…

You get the idea.

If we are constantly counting down the time to be somewhere else, once somewhere else comes, how can we actually enjoy it? If we aren’t able to sink into the moments that aren’t as spectacular, what is happening to the rest of your life?

The difference between savoring anticipation of an exciting event and not allowing yourself to live until x,y,z happens is that you can savor the anticipation and not find the time before the event distressing.

You can allow yourself to enjoy the moments leading up, even if they are mundane, as life can be.

You can allow yourself to not want to push time any faster than it naturally goes.

You can allow the fear to be there, the anxiety to be there, the sadness, guilt, anger, shame, loneliness, etc.

Because all of these things are supposed to visit us all sometimes. This is the human experience.

They are supposed to visit. That is normal.

Living in the in-betweens says a lot about how we hold life itself. Not just the glamorous, shiny, adventurous, freeing moments. But the day to day. The regular stuff. The ordinary.

And if we can get better at those in-betweens, the seemingly insignificant moments, the more we will enjoy being alive and welcome what comes, as it does.


This blog post and site is not a replacement for personalized therapy or therapeutic intervention. Please see a mental health practitioner or therapist for individual therapy.

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