If You Knew You Were Already Enough

How would things change for you if you really, deep-down-heart-space knew that you were enough. Would you make different decisions? Would you keep different relationships? Would you spend your time differently?

Would you say no more? Would you value yourself more?

We humans, are like quilts. Woven with our experiences, stories, beliefs, past, knowledge. These layers and seams are beautiful. Wrought with experience. Some of the patches are worn, over-relied on for a warmth they cannot provide.

One of those patches is the core belief for many of us that we are not good enough as we are. That somehow, we are fundamentally flawed and someone made a huge mistake. That somehow we are hiding out in the real world and someone is going to find out about our not-enoughness.

To get in touch with our true selves is to ask the question “What would I do if I really felt I was enough?

When we ask this question, we can get under that core belief that has been running the show and find out what our true desires and needs are.

For example, you’re worried about an upcoming presentation. You want to do a good job, recognized for your knowledge and abilities. Everyone at your work is watching.

If you asked yourself “How would this sit with me if I really believed that I was enough? That you have done the work, and how you present will be great no matter what. Well, then you’d probably just sit back and trust yourself. Trust that you’ve done the work, that you have everything you need.

So I ask you, for whatever may be going on in your life right now that you struggle with, what would you do if you felt like you were enough?

Trust that answer.


This blog and blog post are not substitutes for therapy or therapeutic intervention. Please see a mental health practitioner or therapist for personalized therapy.

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