An Ode to Play

Recently, I have been nostalgic for the carefree days of childhood. I was privileged enough to have most days feel free and fun, filled with crafts and creation. Whether that be in my imagination, with friends, or alone for hours at a time caught up in a project.

When we get older and have more responsibilities, a lot more independence and a different kind of fun comes with that. We can get caught up in routine and focus of making money, consuming, striving and pushing through. But when striving and surviving become autopilot, and one day turns into most days, those days compile your life.

If I were to ask you when was the last time you had a spontaneous, aimless hour or day, where you did things without purpose but simply for shear enjoyment, what would you say? Does your answer surprise you?

I am in support of you taking off the productivity hat for a short while, be it 15 minutes, an hour or more. And in this time, prioritizing play. Unbridled joy. Allowing yourself to sink into less structured time, like you did when you were little. We were so good at that as kids, and I think its an art we often lose as we grow up if we’re not careful.

“Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies” – Edna Millay

This quote really resonated with me, because I think about childhood as a place we can visit if we want to. We can stay a while, spend time with our younger selves, escape adulthood expectations for a little bit, and get really present. Children are excellent at being present until they learn otherwise.

Lets allow ourselves to have moments of child-like wonder. Just moments. Spending time in nature, touching flowers, tree bark, water. Writing a story. Swinging on a swingset. Dancing to your favorite songs.

What ever it may be for you that you deeply enjoy, allow yourself to receive that nourishment. Your inner child will likely thank you.

This blog and blog post are not a substitute for therapy or therapeutic intervention. Please seek out a therapist or mental health practitioner for personalized therapy.

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