The Power of Change

Photo from Bella Stitchery on Etsy

Often, we fear change. Humans seem to be incredibly adaptable. We get comfortable, get used to something, and we enjoy that predictability, even if we don’t like what it is we’re doing.

Often, change knocks us off our feet, takes us by surprise, and shifts our footing. Most of the time, we don’t want it. If we do want it, we want it in a specific way.

Change is neither good nor bad. We tend to put these labels on it to identify whether it goes along with our wants or not.

As much as we try to create a predictable, patterned way of living, life is change.

The more comfortable we get with that idea, rather than fighting to make things stay the same, the more we will flow with life. We will have more ease through transitions.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t struggle. It’s about giving yourself unconditional understanding and acceptance when you do.

Giving yourself permission to mess up, cause well, we all do.

This blog and website are not a substitute for therapy or therapeutic intervention. Please seek a mental health professional or therapist for personalized therapy.

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