You Are Not Alone

It is easy to believe that we are sole entities having a unique experience, that we are the only one having that experience or feeling. Especially in our increasingly (dis)connected world that we live in.

And your experience is unique. But it doesn’t mean that others have never felt that way before, or experienced similar hardship. That we really are all humans having similar experiences that just look different.

Even though mental health is becoming more discussed and recognized, we are less connected to each other than ever. We are often alone with ourselves, or doing everything in our power to not be.

Our relationship to self impacts everything. This isn’t to suggest that each of us are the centre of the universe, but that how we meet ourselves impacts how we can meet others. It impacts how we show up in the world.

I believe cultivating a healthy relationship with ourselves is fundamental to our ability to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. When we aren’t trying to outrun ourselves, we seek people out to enjoy their company, not as a means of avoidance.

Your relationship to self dictates how you talk to others, what you pursue or don’t pursue, staying with things that don’t serve you, how you handle conflict, how you meet yourself when you’re not happy, what you’re drawn to or pulled away from, what you will or will not tolerate, codependency, the list goes on.

Cultivating a good relationship to yourself involves finding a safe space, preferably a therapists office, and not running anymore. Being alone with yourself in a supported space. Having curiosity about what comes up rather than fear of your own thoughts. Truly meeting yourself, and those unhealed parts that have never been tended to that have been calling for your attention for years.

You will always be with yourself, so why not befriend yourself? You’re worth it, and you are not alone.

This blog post and website are not substitutes for therapy or therapeutic intervention. Please seek out a counsellor or mental health professional for personalized therapy.

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